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The Internet Engineering Task Force is meeting this week to discuss how to 'update' the ageing technology. Tech insiders believe that the protocol - designed when the web consisted of text-based pages - is in need of an update to bring the web up to speed for an era where many users access sites via apps.

Microsoft's Jean Paoli, who helped invent battle creek dating code called Battle creek dating, which helps with webpage and document design, is hoping to see a revolution.

He said: 'The current HTTP standard protocol is slow because it must request documents from a server and wait for the document to be sent before it can display a webpage.

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There is already broad consensus about the need to make web browsing much faster. More and more, apps are how people access web services, in addition to their browser.

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Samsung's mid-sized Galaxy Note device which recently passed 5 million units shipped: As more and more web users use apps rather than web browsers to access the internet, the ageing HTTP standard needs to adapt, says Microsoft Paoli hopes that the new HTTP 2. Microsoft's proposal will take in its own Websockets technology and Google's SPDY - another protocol designed to reduce web page-load times.

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It's already used in some services - including Google's Gmail and Twitter - but remains relatively rare.