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Vezi centrul de joc al comunității Despre acest conținut Welcome to Idaho, a land of rugged beauty that is home to millions of acres of wilderness and a landscape that ranges from desert to fertile farms.

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Best known for its world famous potatoes, Idaho offers drivers the opportunity to get involved with some of the States' largest economies such online dating funny video farming and timber harvesting. Visit Boise, the state's capital city with a vibrant urban center found in the heart of the Treasure Valley or coeur d alene dating an out-of-this-world view at the Craters of the Moon National Monument; Idaho offers its visitors endless natural beauty and landmarks to explore.

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Features Over 3, miles of new roads to discover and explore 11 new cities - drive through downtown Boise, Coeur d'Alene set on a gorgeous lake or Idaho Falls with a lovely touristic center A brand new viewpoint feature that gives you a new perspective of the world Expanded fan-favorite industries such as farming, timber harvesting or wood processing Visit the famous Craters of the Coeur d alene dating National Monument and Preserve Over 40 recognizable spots from the Historical Highway Marker program State-specific geographical landmarks such as canyons, valleys or basalt rock formations Many familiar truck stops and rest areas that truckers will know from the real world Finely-tuned road layouts and true-to-life signage Idaho-specific achievements to unlock Cities included in the expansion Cerinţe de sistem.