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Duration Based on duration, one may speak of session cookies and permanent cookies.

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Session Cookies Permanent Cookies Session cookies disappear once the user closes the browser window. All permanent cookies have an expiration date written in their code.

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According to the ePrivacy Directive, the cookie should last no longer than 12 months, but in practice, many cookies have a much longer duration. Ordinary cookies can easily be viewed and deleted by the user, as we will explain later on in this article.

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Provenance Based on provenance, one may distinguish between first party cookies and third-party cookies. Basically, first party cookies are set by the website itself, and third-party cookies are set by others than the website itself. First-party cookies Third-party cookies Third parties present on your website can eg.

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A cookie checker can audit your site, perform a scan also known as a website tracking audit and reveal all these third parties, whether analytics or marketing.

What does the GDPR mean for the use of cookies? Find out what data data online are in use on your website, where they come from and what they do. In doubt about what cookies are in use on your website? Try our free cookie audit. Clearly inform your users about the cookies and online tracking in use on your website, eg.

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Implement a compliant cookie consent solution for your website. We check cookies and enable prior consent for your users. What cookies do I have on my computer?

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On average, a website data data online about 20 cookies on your computer. All cookies have an expiration date.

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However, this date may be set far off into the future. For example, Google Ads permits for a cookie lifetime of days. So if you never block or manually delete cookies, you probably have hundreds of cookies stored on data data online computer.

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This is not necessarily an issue: cookies take up very little space and work in the background. You may check, edit and delete the cookies data data online your computer. And also, that new cookies will be installed all over again upon your next visit. Cookies are stored in the data data online browsers, so the method for checking your cookies depends on which browser you are using.

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Where are cookies stored? Cookies are stored on the computer hard disk, more specifically in your web browser folder, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. However, with the tracking of IP addresses and device data, and the ubiquitousness of the largest trackers such as Google and Facebook, it is likely that targeted advertisement will find you anyways. To view and manage the cookies on your computer, you have to check separately for every browser in use on your computer.

Cookie checker Firefox In your Firefox browser, write about:preferences privacy in your address bar.

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Wordpress cookie checker To check if your WordPress website uses cookies, try our free cookie checker and get the report on the cookies in use on your site. The free checker scans up to five pages of your website, and finds all of the cookies and other known tracking technologies in use on these pages. Sign up to Cookiebot for full scans of all of the pages of your website. How long does a cookie last? Each cookie has a name and an expiration date.

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When a website sends a cookie, it asks your browser to keep that particular cookie until a certain date and time, as written in the text file. According to the recommendation of the ePrivacy Directive, cookies should be deleted every 12 months at least, but some are stored for a much longer duration.

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In Google Ads, i. What information does a cookie store? Being basically small files containing text, the content of a cookie is arbitrary. Each application developer can choose to put any information they wish in a cookie. That information can e.

What are website cookies?

Cookies might hold a vast quantity of information on the user such as age group, gender, geographical location, language preferences, search history and the like. Essentially, each cookie is a small lookup table containing pairs of key, data values - for example firstname, John lastname, Smith. Once the cookie has been read by the code on the server or client computer, data can be retrieved and used to customise the web page appropriately.

You can try and read the content of a cookie yourself data data online using the Notebook program on your PC. How secure are cookies?

From a purely technical point of view, cookies do not represent any threat to your data or computer. They are neither programs nor spyware.

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They are small, passive text files, and can as such not of themselves do anything. However, cookies hold sensible information, and they do enable third parties to keep track of your digital actions.

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But for the time being, the transparency on how the information gathered from the cookies is being used and shared with third parties is, mildly put, limited. Should I delete cookies? Cookies operate in the background, so they're not likely to cause much obvious trouble.

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