Dating asperger, Understanding Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism

Reed It's also for the NT in a relationship with an Aspie.

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The dating asperger in this book of communication, respect, honesty, understanding, and sharing are important in any relationship, but especially important when one partner has Asperger's. Whether in a straight relationship or LGB, the ideas in the book are the same for both types of relationships, as these principles don't know the difference between genders.

Packed with simple ideas in an easy to read format, this book is a must for anyone on the pioneer dating who desires a healthy romantic relationship. It's also a great way for the Neurotypical to open doors to understanding and communicating with their Asperger's partner. He not only provides the reader with needed information, he breathes life into the words with a mix of information and reflection.

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As an 'advocate, dating asperger a clinician', Mr. Reed writes in a charming, conversational style comprised of clearly stated practical strategies. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to better understand the world of those unique individuals with Asperger's and the challenges they face in dating asperger.

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Reed is an Adult Autism Advocate and has been a freelance writer for more than twenty years. His work has been published in thirty different magazines, a dozen newspapers and scores of websites.

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