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These missions utilise the positioning of satellites at the Lagrangian points L1 and L5. The LAGRANGE mission to L5 considers four remote sensing optical instruments and several in-situ instruments to analyse the Sun, the energetic particle streams, the magnetic field and solar lgr dating site conditions, in order to provide early warnings of increased solar activity. The objective is to identify and mitigate potential threats to society and the ground, airborne and space based infrastructures.

For the system studies two parallel contracts are foreseen to be implemented. The feasibility study will address all aspects as required by the development rules of Lgr dating site including spacecraft, launcher, maturisation and detailing of mission analysis, and the ground segment configuration.

Activities for the instrumentation will be restricted to the interface determination electrical, mechanical, thermal, structural, environmentalthe accommodation exercise, and the spacecraft performance simulation as necessary to verify the instrument requirements. Two in parallel running studies are foreseen to be initiated for the remote sensing and the in-situ measurement instrument packages.

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Phase B1 studies will derive the preliminary system definition and the generation of the technical requirements specifications and necessary data packages needed to start the potential mission implementation. For the B1 studies, all economic operators may contribute whose registered seat is located in member states participating in the SSA Programme,and who have indicated their wish to participate in the Lagrange Segment.

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