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Partea 9 riffy pe pagina 1din 26 Căutați în document Infographic: Beyond Fake News — 10 Types of Misleading News — nine Languages The partea 9 riffy needed to effectively filter information in our media-saturated environment takes time and skill.

A recent study showed that the more content we consume, the more our ability to make decisions about its veracity becomes impaired.

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Our Beyond Fake News infographic identifies the 10 types of potentially misleading news. It was created to be used in class with real-world examples to spark classroom debate and reflection on the ways that media is constructed.

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Below this article, you will find a pdf version of the infographic as bagel și cafea nyc dating as a dropdown list containing some resources for teaching the 10 Types of Misleading News. The 10 types Of course, neither of the 10 types can be seen in isolation to the others.

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Partisan news outlets may also be partea 9 riffy as propaganda. And propaganda can be found in a sponsored post. Pseudoscience and conspiracy theories certainly enjoy each others company, see: anti- vaccination movement and climate change denialism.

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Likewise, completely bogus content may entice its audience with a clickbait headline. Finding examples and identifying which categories they fit into is all part of the fun of using this graphic.

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The motivations The motivations behind certain kinds of content can be many and varied. Money or power are almost always present however, there may be other motivations at play.

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A pseudoscientific column about climate change may be motivated by a certain ideological or political cause. Impact levels The impact levels are not definitive either.

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For instance, some students may feel that conspiracy theories are just a bit of fun, while some of us reflect that the propagation of one recent conspiracy theory led to an actual incident of violence; Pizzagate. We hope our infographic will prompt healthy discussion. Some help, please!

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We will endeavour to find resources with which to use and compare with the infographic but we would love it you would suggest your own to us. Especially in languages other than English.

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We would also love to hear your testimonials. Let us know of any successes you have had when using it, or if you think of any ways the graphic can be improved. Translations If you are able to translate the infographic into your mother tongue then you are an awesome person! We will credit you, of course.

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There is an open Google document here with the original text in English and any translations written below.