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Hindu violence orphans the young hero and renders him homeless on the streets of Mumbai, but he triumphs at the end, winning his millions and gaining the hand of his childhood sweetheart when he is asked the perfectly opportune question on a TV quiz show. It belongs to the deep wisdom of Islam that all events, even the most apparently random, occur at the behest of God.

Father Barron used it for a Word on Fire video to illustrate the theory of divine providence. The Big Sick is a another kind of comedy. Are the only two possibilities the re-creation of a rigid Pakistan-style Islamic practice in Chicago or complete secularization?

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Kumail choses freedom, secularization, a career as a stand-up comedian, and a blond American partner. Traditional Islam is not, perhaps, as rich in humor as Judaism, but it does afford one great comedic possibility: the arranged marriage. Arranged marriages, so common amongst Indian and Pakistani Muslims, are a perfect foil for the comedic narrative arc of escape from harsh law into liberty and love.

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Kumail escapes imprisonment in an artificial America-Pakistan by performing his comedic routines on his family, and overturning his expulsion from the family through playful mockery.

Comedy is not just for the stage but is a way of seeing the whole of life, one that subtly relegates his dictatorial parents to the realm of lovable absurdity.

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But if future Kumails were no longer to be required to take Islam and American life as blanket alternatives, a liberal Islam would have to flourish—not only here, but around the world.

My dear departed friend Stratford Caldecott used to say that Catholics ought to encourage Muslims to enlarge the Sufi element in the religion. Would Catholics care if Muslims wanted us to be more like Trappist-Pentecostalists? The normal response to such external pressure is irritation and retrenchment.

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Wahhabi, literalist dislike of Sufism among Muslims prevails in direct proportion to Western admiration for it. Perhaps the correlation has a bit of causation in it.

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My conservative friends want Muslims to dial down the Sharia religious lawbut to be allies for the good in moral causes, preserving a rigorous view of truth against liberals who make so much a matter of feelings.

It would be great if more Muslims were involved in the fight against abortion. The Muslim theory that unborn babies receive their soul at forty days enables them to agree with us on eight of r dating quiz nine months of pregnancy, and as Chesterton said, something is better than nothing!

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From the nineteenth century on, some Muslims have sought to respond to modernity by developing liberal Islamic theologies. Early attempts read the sources selectively in order to adapt Islamic political and social teachings to Western standards.

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Like the liberal Judaism of the time, this approach drew on the moralizing side dating breve the Continental Enlightenment.

R dating quiz Islam, however, was felt by many Muslims to be an internal colonialism, a pale imitation of the Protestant liberalism whose God died when people realized that humanism could do the job of being philanthropic so much better than he. It was unfortunate that the earliest attempts to liberalize Islamic theology were quickly r dating quiz, in the first half of the twentieth century, by the attempts of Muslim leaders like Ataturk, in Turkey, and Reza Shah, in Persia, to force their societies to emulate the secular West.

When Muslims threw out the liberal theology, as they did increasingly from the s on, ucsd dating site did so believing it was a sham propped up by the C.

Liberal Islam was r dating quiz too easily presented r dating quiz Muslim reactionaries as a kind of Islamic Stockholm syndrome, which r dating quiz self-respecting Muslim could endure.

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But such an outcome is not subject to our volition. The reason is that we are not gods, and so we cannot providentially arrange for people to hold the ideas and engage in the behaviors we prefer.

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Kumail lets the comedic spirit guide him through life, and just as it guides him through the perplexities of dating, so the spirit of comedy can guide him toward faith. Kumail has learned that we live in a comedic cosmos, in which, at great cost to itself, love prevails over law.

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She is writing a fortnightly blog on religion. Photo by BagoGames via Creative Commons. Image cropped.