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Sejur 3 nopți în decembrie Good hotel but too bad there's no lift. But then after i booked it, then i read the reviews.

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From all the reviews, The hotel gets the bad reviews more than good. I was kinda afraid that I'll be having the same bad experience.

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But Alhamdulillah, when we reached the hotel yes, from the outside the looks of the hotel was terrifying tho. But when we reach the reception desk, surprisingly the staff was very friendly. Bad news, there's no lift.

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So we have to climb the stairs. Another bad news our room is at 5th floor.

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Well, its o then because i read all the reviews most of the guest complaining about the stairs. Well I don't really mind actually.

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Another way for me to workout while travelling. But bad news for old people with large baggage tho. The tv working fine too. But seriously it was not as bad as the previous guest stated how bad the hotel was.

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Because using stairs is much more better than using lift. We can burn some calories ya?

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But I'll not suggest this hotel to old people because the of the stairs. Overall, the hotel is a good hotel.

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